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Make yourself

a Priority

It’s time to start the new you!

Make yourself


It’s time to start the new you!

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle


Got into a life style where your day to day routine does allow basic care required for your healthier body.

Depriving your body of elementary needs has devastating impact on organ functions and over long period can result in life style illness – Obesity, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, in fertility, etc.

Life Style Management Consultation and Coaching at Food Fitness provides insights and assists in preventing or curing life style diseases. With right diet planning, nutritional counseling based on medical parameters and step-by-step goals to achieving healthier YOU!

Our Services


Diabetes Management

Get control with life style modifications and reversal by way of medical nutrional consultation

Weight Loss

Lose weight with ease with right body nutrition intake and without skipping meals or aggressive exercise routine


Identify symptoms / causes of PCOS / its impact and treatment with diet and lifestyle tips


Understand the transition and gain knowledge about care required during this phase

Mother Care

Begining of pregnancy to nurturing a baby, learn to handle correct weight with balanced diet and vitamins + minerals

Pediatric Nutrition

Nurture your child with required care and feeding practices as they grow

Critical Illness

Diet and meal plans for critically ill patients, and nursing RT feed and its care at home

Skin and Hair

Maintain nourishment for good healthier skin and hair growth with nutrition

Weight Management

Understand simple hacks to maintaining your weight and daily routine over time

Food Coaching

Learn art of daily healthier cooking with ease and new recipes

Vitamins & Supplements

Buy all prescribed products from seeds, food based supplements from our in-house store


Build your stamina and endurance to be best in your game



Having Trouble Finding a Nutritous Balance?

You’re Not Alone.

And I’m Here to Help!

We all are different in looks, emotions, thinking and so is our body different from others. Every single one of us is complex and different with unique lives, needs and bodies.

Our dietician will discuss every aspect with you and personalized follow ups to make it easier and adoptable in your routine.

How I can Help

Once Quoted :
“And I said to my body softly,
‘I want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath and replied ,
‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.'”

Food Fitness enables a journey to understand and respond to ones bodily needs based on your life goals and professional requirements. Be it a housewife, sports person or working professional, our nutrition therapy and coaching experience and tested model compliments success of a healthy life.

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be

No Less ! Not a lot,  food consumed in right quantity and at right time gives the perfect nutritional value.

Lets make the commitment:

Balance living means considering all aspects of your life: relationships, work fitness and health, and emotional well-being. That’s the reason why at FOOD FITNESS we coach you to eat right and learn the balance as well.


Your Professional Food Coach And Life Style Modification Expert

At Food Fitness we believe in making people regain their health and complete physical mental well-being through LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION. Our Medical Nutritionist Consultant hands out opportunity to all people in taking a steps to improve their health giving meaning and purpose to us.

We at FOOD FITNESS have got a dedicated team of Doctors, Nutritionist, and Physiotherapist to work for our goal. Besides door step facilities for blood work collection; various best natural food products and its extracts for our better treatment of Medical and non-medical conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Q: Where is Food Fitness?

Food FItness has a clinical setup based out of Mumbai, India. Providing Medical Nutrition consultation service online or clinic visits

Q: How can I take appointment ?

You can book an appointment online from website or contact us at +91 9833446027

Affiliations & Recognitions

Indian Dietetic Association

Q: What does Food Fitness specializes in ?

We specialize in clinical nutrition, diet planning, diabetic reversal/management under supervision of certified dietitian/nutritionist Ms. Rashmi Bhanushali.

What people say about Us

What people say about Us

Food Fitness LLP
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Frenu Gandhi
Frenu Gandhi
15:30 15 Jun 21
I am extremely grateful to Dr.Rashmi Bhanushali for guiding and providing best diet advice to my mom which not only... helped her to achieve her goal in terms of weight but to get more fit and healthy physically as well as mentally.It is been a journey of more than six months and I am glad that we connected to food fitness.The sessions were online so it was more convenient for us to contact her as we stay in Vasai.Dr.Rashmi is also a very soft spoken person and provides great information in every session that benefits you in many ways.She also focuses to improve the health issues and helps to bring vital changes in your overall lifestyle.She kept motivating and boosted my mom's confidence throughout the journey of weight loss. My mom feels much more happy and confident now as she made all the neccesary changes in her diet and her daily routine.I highly reccomend to connect with Dr.Rashmi at food fitness for bringing neccesary changes in your lifestyle with healthy diet plan and advices that she more
Gautam suuri
Gautam suuri
10:55 11 Nov 20
She is one the best Nutrition and soft spoken woman I have met and she gives the result what we acquire for thank u... soo much rashmi ji for helping me in my weight loss it's worth To have uread more
mayur gori
mayur gori
07:48 07 Oct 20
I had Detected a Daibetes , High Blood Pressure in Jan 2020, I had contacted Dr Rashmi for the same, with the help of... Her and Her Diet plan I was able to recover within a 40 Days. I am really thank ful to her because at young age daibetes it was a shock to me and my family member as well but more then me she was confident that it can be cure with proper diet plan and some exercise.Again I would like to thanks and would like to tell you that if you have any problem then Food Fitness is the Right place for all the more
Vaibhav Yewale
Vaibhav Yewale
17:04 05 Oct 20
During this lockdown i gained weight i was already overweight back then but luckily i get connected with Ms Rashmi... bhanushali 1/half month back and till now I've lost 2.7 kg with her diet expertise I'm feeling so motivated to lose more she is very helpful through this weight loss journey.Thank you Ms Rashmi more
Nimesh Munver
Nimesh Munver
07:03 13 Sep 20
Dr Rashmi N Bhanushali of Food Fitness was the first person to identify deficiency of magnesium in my mother without... even looking at the report.I am and will remain thankful to Rashmi. I fully appreciate her knowledge of the subject nutrition.She gives 45 minutes or more per patient in consulting, which solves all of our problems.CA. Nimesh V Munverread more
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